The wedding ceremony is a service of worship.  We believe that marriage is a covenant between two people and God.

The First Presbyterian Church of Ogdensburg conducts weddings for active church participants only. We are delighted that you are interested in celebrating your wedding at First Presbyterian Church. Our goal is to help you plan a service of worship that will be sacred, dignified, and joyous.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our church, please contact our pastor.  We hope you will join us for Sunday worship and plan to participate in the ministries of our church.

Wedding Policy and Fees



In preparation for the marriage service the pastor shall meet with the couple to discuss their relationship and plans, before the wedding.  During this time the pastor and couple will also work together on the order of service.  Meetings with the pastor must be at least two months prior to the wedding.  Additionally, the couple must fulfill the legal requirements of the State.


Use of Church Facilities

In the Presbyterian Church, as in accordance with the Book of Order, Marriage is a service of Christian Worship.  The marriage service is under the direction of the minister and the supervision of the session (W-4.9003).  The current honorariums are as follows: 

Pastor - $150 (Church members) $200 (non-Church members)

Organist - $100 (Church members) $150 (non-Church members)

Cleaning Fee - $75. 

There will be no charge for church use for active participants of the First Presbyterian Church.  For those who are not active participants of the church a donation of at least $500 is requested.  This makes the total fee for active participant of the church  $325.00 and $925 for non-members.


Wedding Bulletins

Wedding Bulletins/Programs are put together either by the couple or by the pastor and office staff.  There is an extra fee of $100 for this service if it is completed by the church.



Music suitable for the marriage service directs attention to God and expresses the faith of the church (W-4.9005).  As a matter of courtesy, the Church Organist is usually asked to play at the wedding service.  If another musician is asked, it is proper to advise the Church Organist of the plan.


Decorating the Church

While decorating the church with flowers and/or other decorations please remember that it is first and foremost a place of worship.  Please do not use tacks, push-pins or anything else that will cause permanent harm to the wood work.



Camera flashes and video camera lights are not to be used during the ceremony.  Non-flash pictures and videos are permissible.  There will be time before and after the service for flash pictures.  Please be sure that your photographer understands this.


Bird Seed or Bubbles

We ask that you use bird seed or bubbles instead of rice to throw after the wedding ceremony.  Please confine the use of these items to outside of the church building.



There are to be no candles carried in the aisles or placed in the seats of the church.  If candles are used, they must be drip-less.  The church has 2 metal candelabrums that may be used.  When using the unity candle please discuss placement with the pastor.


*Church membership is defined as:


Active Church membership is defined by the Presbyterian Church (USA) Book of Order as “a person, who has made a profession of faith in Christ, has been baptized, has been received into membership of the church, has voluntarily submitted to the government of this church, and participates in the church’s work and worship.

(The Book of Order further explains the responsibility of active membership in the book of Governance G-1.0304)